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About REO Processing

Trusted for 110 years... 

REO Processing is a 4th generation family owned and operated specialty chemical toll processor and supply chain solutions provider with locations in key US manufacturing hubs. The company first opened its doors as a furniture store in 1911 and began its logistics journey in 1922 when Allied Realty Company was founded in Huntington, WV. Between 1922 and 1987 REO steadily grew it's geographic footprint and services offering in West Virginia. The company expanded into Virginia in 1989 with the purchase of a 384,000 square foot manufacturing facility and then into Texas and Louisiana in 2017 when REO acquired Concepts West, a tolling, contract manufacturing and warehousing services provider. This acquisition augmented REO’s tolling and contract manufacturing capabilities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, water, petroleum, and consumer products industries.

In 2021 REO continued its growth journey, opening a location in Atlanta, GA with 120,000 square feet primarily dedicated to the pool and spa chemical industry. 

REO's longevity is credited to its entrepreneurial spirit and its core commitments to safety, integrity, quality, and innovation. 

Why work with REO Processing?

Chemical industry experts choose REO for many reasons including:

  • It's iron-clad pledge to securing their proprietary data

  • It's pro-active approach to safety 

  • It's commitment to integrity

  • It's repeatable quality systems

  • It's managements' background in chemistry, engineering and compliance

  • It's hassle free customer service

  • It's strategic locations in West Virginia, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia

  • It's raw material buying power

  • It's extensive service offering 

  • It's warehousing and transportation capabilities

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