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Technical Bulletins

REO Processing's Technical Bulletin library provides a succinct summary of each of our services. Please use this page to learn more about our services. 

Many manufacturing and logistics issues can cause metal contamination. Some of the most common reasons for contamination include lost tools, metal parts breaking off of the manufacturing equipment, or, in some cases, the friction from moving parts can cause metal shavings to fall into the manufactured material. During storage or shipment metal can contaminate a product if faulty shipping components (such as a valve) fall into storage containers, or, in extreme situations, if a trailer or railcar is in an accident. (click here for more)

Optical Sorting is one of the most efficient ways to recover contaminated plastic pellets or to upgrade pellets to greater than prime quality. Originally developed for the food industry, optical sorting is used today across a wide range of industries. It is particularly effective at solving post extrusions problems. There are several Optical Sorting processes that can be used to separate good pellets from contaminated (fine carbon speck) colored, burnt, or deformed pellets. (click here for more)

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