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Toll Processing

REO's quality and safety programs, approach to project management, and focus on hassle free service make us your ideal production partner.


Our team will protect your proprietary information and get your job done on time every time. 


Our facilities are cGMP compliant, ISO certified and FDA registered. We are experienced handling hazardous materials, powders, pellets, and liquids.


We have a long history of designing custom solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Construction, Industrial, Water Treatment, Pool and Spa, and Automotive Industries. Learn more about our existing capabilities below. 

Ribbon Blending
Powders, Pellets
Powders and Pellets are gently mixed with helical blades
De-Agglomeration; Homogenization of multiple lots; Addition of oils, liquids or additives
Precision Gravimetric Blending
Powders, Pellets
Small batches are precisely measured via a computer controlled weigh cell and vacuum system. These precise batches are then blended to form a continuous flow of blended materials.
Formation of specific colors, alteration of melt flows or other physical properties, homogenization of multiple lots, creation of tight tolerance masterbatches.
Cone Blender
Powders, Pellets
420 Cubic feet dual cone blender. Fully automated from loading to packaging. Packaging options- Fiber Drum, Gaylord, Supersack, Small bag
Gentle through mixing of powders or pellets to form homogenious blends.
High Intensity Blending
Powders, Pellets
High sheer aggressive blending using variable speed impellers and rotation of the blender vessel.
Coating of materials with additives, blending ultrafine powders, coating pellets with a liquid.
Gravimetric Solution Blending
Liquids, Powders
Blending of liquids or dissolving of fine chemicals
Creation of complex mixtures and solutions, dilution of concentrated materials, private labeled products
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